Company: ULP Aviation Inc,/DTA gyro Canada Name: Denis Anctil
E-mail: denis.anctil [at]
Phone & Fax: 418-559-4422
Country: Canada State: Canada / Québec / QuebecCity / Montreal
Gyro Types : M 16 Trainer/M24/Ela/DTA J-RO
We have a full time Gyroplane instructor, Bruno Anctil is our CFI. ULP Aviation is the exclusive distributor in Canada for the revolutionary Gyroplanes DTA J-RO. Operating from a grass runways we are near of Quebec historic old town. Accommodation at airfield close by. Visit us at or

Company: Magni Gyro CanadaName: Nicolas Horn
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: 581 998 1460
Country: Canada State: Quebec City: Quebec and Montréal
Gyro Types : Magni M16 Trainer - Magni M24 Orion
Magni Gyro exclusive dealer.
Full time CFI for MAGNI Gyroplanes : gyroplane pilot permit, flight test, type rating.
Nicolas Horn has brought his experience from Europe, where he was a gyroplane professional instructor (1500 hours of flight time). He is now your reference for training and aircraft sales in Canada.