Europe - Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Hungary. 

Company: LuciaAir
Name: Andor Kántás
E-mail: andorkantas [at]
Phone: 00 36 20 9788 571
Country: Hungary, Gyenesdias
Gyro Types : Gyrocopter
Aircrafts Ultralights: -Gyrocopter training with Apollo Gyrocopter -Fixed Wing training with Apollo Fox Aircraft: Cessna 182 and 152 Reference and Awards: Fly from Hungary to Australia to raise awareness for the Rett Syndrome 2002-2003 Company: Lucia Air Filght Training Country: Hungary, Balatonkeresztúr Airport ICO: LHBK Instructor: Andor Kántás JAR-FCL CPL/A and ASC instructor ( USA ) E-mail: andorkantas [at] Phone: 00-36-209-788-571 www.LUCIAAIR.EU

Company: Skånska Gyrokopterklubben
Name: Instructors
E-mail: info [at]
Phone: +46(0)736 636 089
Country: Sweden
Gyro type: MTO Sport
Skånska Gyrokopterklubben is leading UL-gyrocopter school in Scandinavia. S ituated at ESMI, an airfield in southern Sweden, we are doing a great job flying with both Danish and Swedish pilots. Our experienced instructors can help you to get Swedish UL certificate. As a non-profit organisation, we are able to give you inexpensive instructions. As a club member, you can rent our gyrocopters and have great fun with us. For more info, visit us at

Company: Vliegschool ROAIR
Name: None
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax:  +31 (0) 612922851
Country : The Netherlands
Gyro Types : Xenon RST
Other aircraft : MLA's
Airfield Middenmeer The Netherlands. Accommodation available.

Company:  Raidair Aventures
Name: Herv TERRASSON  
E-mail: terrasson (at)
Phone & Fax:
Country: FRANCE;  City: Paris
Gyro Types : Magni M16 & MT03
Other aircraft : Sky Ranger
Gyrotraining, travels... 

Name: NicknCowley
E-mail: Nick (at)
Phone & Fax: +351 912 158 397
Country: Portugal
Gyro Types : MTOSport
UK PPL(G), trial/experience flight. Company: D.R.U. Deutsche Rotorflug Union
Name:  Deutsche Rotorflug Union 
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: Phone: +49-391-8106977 / Fax: +49-391-8106979
Country: Germany  State: Sachsen-Anhalt City: Airfield Magdeburg
Gyro Types: Autogyro-Europe MT-03
Fixed Wing Types: Comco-Ikarus C-42 B
The D.R.U. Deutsche Rotorflug Union, sells Germanys first certified Gyrocopter the MT-03. The D.R.U. offering every time the best price for the MT-03. Training and retraining from SPL or PPL to Gyro-lizenz is also possible by the D.R.U. in Magdeburg or Stendal. Don't hesitate to contact us...
Get your Gyro-lizenz cheap, fast and professional!

Company:  gyrokopter, gyrocopterinternational
Name: Peter
E-mail: peter (at)
Phone & Fax: 46-70-6381070
Country : Sweden
Gyro Types : MT03
Other aircraft : Microlights seamx, Watertraining, Seaplanes,Trikes and Polaris flyingboat
Training on gyros MT0 sport, Calidus,Cavalon representativ of auto-gyro from Germany
Accommodation available, more than 10.000hrs experience.  

Company:  GIRO-Aventure
Name: None
E-mail: zaninpa (at)
Phone & Fax: +33 6 07 75 33 89
Country : France
Gyro Types : Magny M16 MTO3
Other aircraft : None

Name: None
Phone & Fax: +00 34 639752032
Country : SPAIN
Gyro Types : ELA 07 R-115
Other aircraft : P-92
Professional pilot. Flight instructor with long experience. 10/10 students pass certification last year. Also Gyros for sale

Company:  COTA-300 AVIACION
Name: None
E-mail: jnogales (at)
Phone & Fax: +00 34 607230858
Country : SPAIN/ MADRID / Robledillo Mohernando
Gyro Types : ELA 07 S
Other aircraft : COYOTE - TECNAM P92 - TECNAM SIERRA
Cota 300 is the first Gyro School authorized in Center of Spain by Spanish Aviation. Working since 2005 , I am training about 500 hours in ELAs machines.

Company:  FUL Fachschule f r UL- & Motorflug GmbH
Name: none
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: +036920-71991 +036920-72895 (fax)
Country : Germany, Eisenach
Gyro Types : MTO3
Other aircraft : Skyleader, SkyRanger, Cessna
We give instructions starting from the very beginners level up to performance training for the advanced pilot.
The school is operated together with a highly qualified service station. (ROTAX service, general approved service station for ultralight aircrafts; touch-up for aircrafts, cockpit design and refurbishing) sales are made for MT03, SkyRanger and Skyleader

E-mail: gyrobiloba (at)
Phone & Fax: +33 (0)670739274
Country : FRANCE - Hautes-Pyrénées
Gyro Types : BRAKO GYRO
Other aircraft : None
Base ULM dynamique au pied des Pyrénées avec enseignement de l'autogyre, 3 axes, pendulaire, paramoteur. Possibilité de stages. Chambres d'hôtes. Ambiance conviviale. Sécurité et plaisir assurés.

Company:  Aero Club Ceraso
Name: Giuseppe CASALINO
E-mail: giunaca (at)
Phone & Fax: +3933827060181
Country : ITALY / Puglia / Bari province
Gyro Types : Magni M16
Other aircraft : Jet Fox 91
Training activity is provided for getting the Italian ULM license.
Moreover, training activity is also provided to improve Cross Country ability.
Accommodation is available on the field.

Company:  MAGNI GYRO Srl., Via Volpina, 21010 BESNATE
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: + 39 0331 274816 + 39 0331 274817
Country : ITALY
Gyro Types : any MAGNI GYRO's gyroplane
Other aircraft : None
First certified Italian gyros school.
Examination centre for ULM flying licence release.
Four fully dedicated high professionally experienced pilots available for intensive courses, machines passage, raid, gyro licences conversion.
Maintenance and testing location MAGNI GYRO Srl.

Company:  26017 TORLINO VIMERCATE (CR)
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax:  +39 0373 90616
Country : ITALY
Gyro Types : Any MAGNI's gyroplane
Other aircraft : None
VDS qualified gyro instructor available for gyro training, intensive courses etc.
Hotel accommodation available on request.

Company: Wings
Name: None
E-mail: fliegenlernen (at)
Phone & Fax:  0034600845142
Country : Andalusia/Spain/Medina-sidonia
Gyro Types : MT03, Ela, Arrowcopter A10
Other aircraft : None
We instruct the American and the German UL-License, Charter and Advance-Training and Safaris in Spain 

Company: DynamicSpirit Flight School
Name: Jan
E-mail: jan (at)
Phone & Fax:  +497615036270
Country : Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Freiburg im Breisgau
Gyro Types : MTOsport, Xenon 2
Other aircraft : None
Our flight school is located at Freiburg City Airport next to France and Switzerland. We have accommodation and rental cars available.

Company: Tragschrauberflugschule
Name: Thomas Kiggen
E-mail: info (at)
Phone & Fax: 00491762203 Mobil 00491729177788
Country: Germany  State: City: Hildesheim
Gyro Types: Autogyro MTO-Sport Autogyro Calidus. In all legalized Gyroplanes in the 450kg class
Fixed Wing Types: None
Information :
We finished the first certification for Gyroplanes in Germany. We started the pilot and flight instructor training in Germany. Since 2003 it develops a quite big scene of save Gyroplane flying.
Thomas Kiggen is the first Gyroplane Flight Instructor in Germany with many thousand hours of experience

Company: GyroSeven GmbH
Name: None
E-mail: imvier(at)
Phone & Fax:   004962039540360
Country : Deutschland / Mannheim / Heidelberg
Gyro Types : Autogyro MTOsport / MT03
Other aircraft : None
Ausbildung / Fortbildung / Starkwind Training / Flugschule / Erlebnisflüge / Air Races / Education / Training / Show Flights / Special Air Trainings

Company: Gyroplane flight training school
Name: None
E-mail: info(at)
Phone & Fax:   +37062021777
Country : Lithuania / Rojunai airfield (EYRO) / Panevezys district
Other aircraft : None
Flight training on ELA, SYCAMORE, MAGNI, XENON gyroplanes. Examination center for ULM license of gyroplane pilot/instructor. Technical maintenance, autogyros for sale.
Accommodation available.

Company: Flygskolan
Name: Narl Tidlund
E-mail: info(at)
Phone & Fax:  +46735806787
Country : Sweden
Gyro Types : ELA 07, MTO Sport, Calidus
Other aircraft : Air Creation Trike, 3-axis Zephyr
Very flexible flight school located about an hours drive south of Stockholm in the city of Norrköping. Simple accommodation available and several BnB and hotels nearby. Beautiful coastal flights in the Swedish archipelago. Appointed Chief instructor in Sweden, with the ability to train new teachers as well.

Company: MÉHÉSZ Zsolt
Name: Narl Tidlund
E-mail: mehesz (at)
Phone & Fax:  +36-33-416-255
Country : Hungary
Gyro Types : XENON 2R, RST
Other aircraft : ANone
Szevasz Laci!
Most találtalak meg. Nézd meg a web lapunkat és ha találsz valami érdekeset benne, akkor jelezz. Szívesen kerülnénk veled kapcsolatba. Magyaro.-on az év elejétõl, a gyro repülés engedélyezése nagyon beindult, ebben mi nekünk nagy részünk van. Nagy változások várhatók rövid idõn belül

Company: GIANT - Gyrocopter International Flightschool
Name: Andy Tille
E-mail: andytille [at]
Phone & Fax:  0034617935509
Country : Spain
Gyro Types : ELA 07 s
Other aircraft : None
Gyrocopter intensive Training, advanced course, saftey education, intruduction and ELA Aviation distributor for baleares island and germany.

Company: CANAIRE
Name: Daniel del Rosario
E-mail: danirvega [at]
Phone & Fax:  +34 617040605
Country : Spain / Islas Canarias / Maspalomas
Gyro Types : ELA 07
Other aircraft : RANS Coyote II 912 UL
Come & fly near the best sun & touristic area of Europe. We teach gyros since 2002. Instructor, Daniel del Rosario, is also fixed wing & PPL pilot.
Intensive courses & hotel just aside the airfield.

Name: Giuseppe Casalino
E-mail: giunaca [at]
Phone: +39 3382760181
Country: Italy, 76011 Bisceglie
Aircraft type: MAGNI M16
Information :
Gyroplane Training for Italian ULM Licence.