Company: Gyro School UK
Name: Kai Maurer FE(G)
E-mail: contact [at] gyroschool.co.uk
Phone: 0044 (0) 0750 860 1964
Country: Rochester Airport, Kent, UK
Gyroplane types : MTOSport / Calidus / Cavalon
Information :
Professional training environment to gain your UK CAA PPL(G). Training on various school aircraft. Can travel further afield if training on your own aircraft is required. Flight training as well as all required ground examinations (apart from radio). As an authorised Flight Examiner can also conduct Skills Test for Gyroplanes. Gyro School has been teaching students to fly Gyroplanes since 2008 and we have a professional approach to training and examining. Accommodation can be booked adjacent to the Airport. Intensive course available upon request as well as trial flights / experience flights.

Company: GS Aviation
Name: Graham Slater
E-mail: info [at] gsaviation.co.uk
Phone: 0044 1672515535
Country: England, Wiltshire, Marlborough
Gyroplane types : MT03
Information :
UK based Microlite and Gyro Flight school, established 1991. Training fixed and Flex wing Microlights, and MT03 Gyroplane. We have taught more than 700 students to fly since 1991, 4 full time instructors, based in the middle of Southern England in the Wessex downland. Small friendly club, operating from two grass runways. We are very near all of the historic sights, Stone henge, Avebury stone circle, Silbury hill and the white horses. Crop circles from May to July. Check out www.gsaviation.co.uk 

Company: Gyrocraft Ltd
Name: Marc Lhermette
E-mail: marclhermette (at) hotmail.com
Phone & Fax: 0044 (0) 1227 750328
Mobile Phone: 0044 (0) 7813890445
Country: UK Kent but can train overseas by arrangement
Gyro Types: RAF 2000 and others by arrangement
Training on my RAF 2000 or your Magni or MT series machine for
PPL/G, AFI courses, Advanced flying course, Examinations (Ground and Air) Type conversions.

Name:  Steve Boxall
E-mail: steve (at) gyrotraining.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 0790 505 9789
Country:  Wickenby, UK
Gyro Types: MT-03
Information:Training for the UK PPL(G)
Type conversions
Trial flights

Name:  Peter Davies
E-mail: petertd (at) clara.net
Phone & Fax: +44 (0)1253 877705 / New Mobile 07533 663599
Country:  United Kingdom - International by arrangement
Gyro Types: VPM M-16, MT-03 and Single seater training, MT-Sport, Calidus.
Information :
FIC Instructor, Training for a UK PPL (G), type conversions, also single seater syllabus, available to do AFI supervision and International training by arrangement.

Name: Tony Unwin
E-mail: gyfly (at) aol.com
Phone & Fax: 44 (at) 1934 712110
Country:  United Kingdom
Gyro Types: Qualified to instruct on all types of gyroplane for UK PPL/G
Information: Instruction in the UK and overseas by arrangement.

E-mail: david_beevers (at) hotmail.com
Phone:  07761539045
Country: ENGLAND / Pocklington
Gyro Types: MAGNI M24C and all types
Fixed Wing Types: None
Dual training on the clubs Magni M24C, But can train on any UK approved gyroplanes. Licences held. FI(G) FE(G) FIC(G) FIE(G) Full LAA gyroplane Inspector and test pilot. CAA Inspector on Magni Gyroplanes and test Pilot. Contact, www.pocklington gyroplane school co.uk.

Name: The Gyrocopter Experience
E-mail: phil.harwood (at) theGyrocopterExperience.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 0845 643 9476
Country: York, England
Gyro Types: MT-03
Information: Intensive courses, Monday to Friday.
Trial Flights and group events on Saturday.

Name: The Gyro School
E-mail: contact (at) gyroschool.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 0750 860 1964
Country: UK, London / Kent near Rochester
Gyro Types: MT-03
PPL(G) training courses available Mon - Sun in the school aircraft, the MT0Sport or students own MT-03/ MTOSport or Calidus. Able to go solo in the school aircraft.
Advanced flying training, conversion training from Helicopter / fixed wing and also available for AFI supervision.
Trial flights and Gift flights per arrangement. Overseas training by arrangement only.

Company: Chris Jones Gyroplanes
E-mail: chrisjonesgyro2 (at) tiscali.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 07796 955805
Country: Cumbria, England
Gyro Types: MT03, Magni,Ela 07s, Merlin, Cricket, Bensen B8
Chris Jones Gyroplanes is the only gyroplane school with two full time instructors, three school aircraft and a 1250 metre hard runway. We also have a CAA flight examiner and ground school examiner on staff.

Company: Andrew Lysser Gyroplanes
E-mail: andrew (at) alysser.wanadoo.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 07771 608767
Country: Kirkbride Nr Carlisle Cumbria UK
I have 4 years experience. I offer full PPL(G)training, advanced training for existing pilots and Trial/Scenic flights through the Lake District. So bring a camera and enjoy flying Gyroplanes.

Company: Padraic O'Reilly, CFI Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club
E-mail: info (at) gyroflying.com
Phone & Fax: 353 86 8031003
Country: Ireland
Gyro Types: ELA 07
The Irish Sport Rotorcraft Club offers Gyroplane Flight Training for the Issue of an Irish PPL(G).

Company: Roger Savage Gyroplanes
E-mail: gyroplanes (at) rogersavage.co.uk
Phone & Fax: 017684 83859(United Kingdom)
Country: United Kingdom
Gyro Types: Magni/MT03/Sport/ELA/RAF/XENON/most singe seat gyroplanes
Offering PPL(G) courses right through to Advanced courses from our own base in the middle of the English Lake District& other airfields in Lancs and Yorks. Instructor since 1993 and have around 6.000hrs of gyroplane flight time alone. Also heli/aeroplane and glider. Come and have a flight or train with one of the most experienced flight instructors around. Overseas flight training by arrangement.
Accommodation available..